Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Presentation: Allergen Free - Why, How?

Please take advantage of this end-of year offer - view my presentation, "Allergen Free, Why How?" (just words, no sound).


ALLERGEN FREE - Why, How? by Michelle HW Hill
Allergen Free Cooking, Why? How? by Michelle HW Hill
copyright 2011 Michelle HW Hill
Why Allergen Free? Food Matters, You are what you eat!"
copyright 2011 Michelle HW Hill
"What is food to one to others is fierce poison." - Carus 99BC
Top 8: dairy (casein, lactose), egg (yolk/white: chicken, duck, quail), fish (freshwater and saltwater), crustacean shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp), tree nuts (almond, cashew, Brazil nut, etc.), peanuts (legume: can cross-react with: peas, soybeans, beans), wheat (glaidin/gluten), soy (protein, lecithin, vitamin E to preserve freshness).
Other major allergens/intolerances.

Allergen versus intolerance.

Confirming a food allergy/intolerance.

The known offenders.

Cost considerations.

Before the change of diet ... 

Accepting changes: 5 phases - denial, anger bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Informing others.

Going gluten free ... 

Gluten free flours.

Making GF flour.

Binging agents.

A note about OATS.

GF diet notes.




Cream and yogurt.



Nutritional yeast

Soy, soy, everywhere!

Soy, where isn't it?

What about soy lecithin?

Natural flavors

Vitamin E

Yes, you can!

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  1. Michelle This is so well done. (as always!!!) I love how you put all the information together. I knew a lot of this, but my thinking is so scattered. Love it! Super resource for people.


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